Do You Have Any Maintenance Tips?

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Keep the roof clean, trim overhanging limbs, and clean the gutters every year. Dealing with splitting ridge caps, curling or splitting shakes, and dry rot right away will save you thousands of dollar long term while helping to maintain your warranty.

What Are The Benefits Of Metal Roofing?

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There's a lot of great reasons to choose a metal roof from Advanced Roofing Systems for both commercial and residential roofing projects. Energy-Efficiency - Metal roofs are made of greener materials compared to asphalt. They also handle the elements better which can contribute to significant savings on your energy bill. Long Lasting

Are There Any Disadvantages?

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Metal roofing has higher upfront costs compared to asphalt shingles but home-owners are likely to save money in the long term because of the improved lifespan and energy-efficiency. Metal roofing can also be loud - particularly with rainfall - so you'll want to ensure proper noise insulation is used.